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Our Services.

Multimodal or Combination shipping utilizes multiple forms of transport to deliver goods. We offer tailor-made and cost-effective sea-air and air-sea fright solutions across the globe. This method of transportation is the ideal match between overall cost savings and reasonable shipping times. 

Offering timely deliveries on all your air shipments with experienced logistics personnel.

Offering Door-to-door and airport-to-airport services. 

Covering key shipping lanes around the world.

Taking care of all your cargo through the entire shipping cycle, from container collection to delivery to the end users.

Providing storage facilities to handle loose cargoes and smaller volume shipments


Handling Special Cargo such as OOG cargos , DG Cargo, and temperature-controlled commodities.  

Offering timely delivery on all your air shipments with experienced logistics personnel. 

Offering brokerage service in managing custom clearances. 

Handling dangerous and hazardous cargo.  

Arranging full truck delivery, Haulage delivery.

Flatbeds and specialized equipment with the request.

Pickup / Packing / Re-packing / labeling/ barcoding

Product quality inspection/fumigation

Marine insurance

Custom Clearance for Import and Export, Tax & duties paid O/B end-customer.


Cross-border bonded truck service.

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